We believe that missions are a key role in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Approximately 10% of our annual budget is contributed to missions. Ministries supported are listed below.

Africa University
Black College Fund
Community Outreach
New Church Starts
World Service Fund
New Church Development



We also endorse and support a mission that is very close to the hearts of everyone in our congregation. The missions are named after and in loving memory of Gina Brown Frazee. Through her year long battle with cancer, her faith grew stronger and she felt that, whether her life continued on earth or in heaven, God had a purpose and mission for her. In life she was a dedicated member of our congregation and an outstanding teacher who touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands of high school students. In death, her spirit and love for God and education is being spread across the world.

We invite you to visit ginasblessing.org



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