Temporary Name and Logo

Why do we have a new name and logo?

Hi church family! You may notice a name and logo change on our church website, as well as our social media platforms. This is a temporary placeholder name and logo. The previous name contained the words "United Methodist Church," which we are no longer allowed to use. Additionally, we are not permitted to use the cross and flame logo. The current logo, as well as the name "First Church of Starke," are both temporary and part of the disaffiliation process. A permanent name and logo will be determined at a later time. As a side note, this temporary logo can be viewed from different perspectives. The top part may be seen as the face of Christ, the center as the heart of Christ, or even as a dove. Alternatively, you may also see it as a cross and serving hands. It's all about perspective. Nothing here is permanent; it's about legal compliance.